War Cabinet

Ashraf Ghani's War Cabinet


President Ashraf Ghani’s War Cabinet is a continuous crisis committee (CCC) part of a joint crisis committee (JCC). The full duration of committee will involve crises throughout, ranging from Taliban attacks on government structures, to persecution of international peace workers, and many other events that will test the mettle of the delegates. This committee is a war cabinet enabled with executive presidential powers vested by the Constitution of Afghanistan.


The rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan has left the fate of 40 million people hanging in the balance as a relentless power struggle ensues. With the withdrawal of the forces of the United States, a vacuum is left in the country and the government has lost its strongest pillar of support; as a result, the Taliban is conducting rapid incursions into government territory and human rights violations abound. In this Joint Crisis Committee with the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, delegates will be expected to arrive at instantaneous inventive solutions to an onslaught of crises as part of President Ashraf Ghani’s War Cabinet, with the aim to stop the refugee exodus and arrive at long-term solutions to secure the peace, security, and welfare of the Afghan people.

Executive Board