United Nations Security Council


The United States Security Council is one of the six primary organs established by the United Nations Charter. It is the only organ that has the power to make decisions that member states are obligated to implement. All other organs can only make recommendations to member states. The Council may meet whenever international peace is threatened, for which it is primarily responsible. In such cases, it may propose a number of actions to resolve disputes and dissolve possible hostility. Its first session took place on the 17 th of January, 1946, in London. Any country may bring a dispute which it is a party of, to the UNSC, even if it is not a member of the UN.


The UNSC is responsible for ensuring international peace and security, it also plays a role in accepting new members to the United Nations and approving any amendments to its charter. The council consists of 15 member nations, the victors of the Second World War being permanent members, whilst ten others hold temporary positions. The delegates will represent member states, shouldering the responsibility of facing riptides in the sea of peace.

Executive Board