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About IntraSBSMUN 2021

Model United Nations has been an integral part of the learning experience at Step by Step school. Year after year senior school students have organized and conducted both inter-school and intra-school MUNs where students’ participation has grown over the years. Deliberation and debate are keenly followed by the members of the International Press. We are back with another edition of the IntraSBSMUN- this time with an enthusiastic middle school participating alongside the seniors.



Fourth Estate

“The less you know, the more you believe.” ― Bono


Words and illustrations have the ability to incite change: to impel the readers for action, to influence opinions and most importantly, to carry out unblemished and unbiased reports in the impressionable world of today. It is in the hands of members of the International Press to use their voice to its greatest capacity- to be desolating, domineering; pivotal. An integral part of the Model United Nations, each edition of the Fourth Estate brings to the general reader an understanding of all that is discussed and debated behind closed doors.

Editors: Diva Dutta Gupta and Kavya Sharma
Sub-Editor: Tanisha Bhatnagar


Special Thanks

Nadia Shahidi for Training of Cartoonists.

Nandini Agarwal and Suryaansh Jain for Training of Delegates.